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モーター・クーラーボックス・スクーター Crazy Coolers Blue Motorized Cooler ASSEMBLED



Color: BLUE


  • Quality, reliable 49cc 4 stroke engine, powerful, smooth and fast
  • All terrain knobby tires and high ground clearance, not just for sidewalks or pavement like most products.
  • Extremely portable, light, nimble and reliable. Take it everywhere!
  • Wheelie bar? Really a wheelie bar that is unique in the market. Cool
  • Dual rear wheel drive, on a solid axle, high ground clearance for off road


Release Date: 01-01-2018

Details: ASSEMBLED CRAZY COOLERS - All shipping in one box. Minor work required, 98% assembled, install handlebar with one bolt, 4 fenders, install 2 wheels (1 bolt each) and add oil, gas, air in tires, and gooooooooo crazy!!!!! *Crazy Coolers Motorized Coolers are as crazy as you can be. A cooler on a solid frame, the stability of 4 all terrain wheels, sturdy and powerful 49cc 4 stroke engine, and the wicked wheelie bar. Ride your cooler screaming because you are having so much fun. Nothing in the market compares. Our goal is to sell you a great product that will supply a little more crazy in this crazy world. Have some fun. This is a great value that works great. Cruising on your cooler is an adventure from the start. Add a wheelie bar and now it's crazy fun. The ease of use makes the hassle free. No need to mix gas and oil, just add gas and go. Our engine provides reliable performance you can count on. Portable and fun, this is a great addition to all your events. Grab yours today, get ready. Some assembly required, modular assembly. Pump up the tires, add oil to the engine, fill up the gas tank and let's ride. Buying from the manufacture, patent holder, trademark; we have the inventory and support our customers with crazy customer service. Its an awesome product, grab yours and it will exceed your expectations. Hard to describe the fun riding a wheelie on a cooler!!!! Just cool. *RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED, ALL WARRANTIES ARE APPLIED DIRECT TO CUSTOMER VIA MATERIALS AND NOT INCLUSIVE OF LABOR. *CONSUMER ASSUMES ALL RISK

UPC: 789185890865

EAN: 789185890865

Package Dimensions: 37.0 x 24.0 x 24.0 inches

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