Dino Fossil Science Educational Toy

This amazing dinosaur kit is a must have for all kids who love dinosaurs or archaeology as each plaster block contains all the bones needed to be able to build your own dinosaur. It also comes with a mini hammer, picks tool, chisel, brush sponge and full detailed instructions so that your little one can dig and recreate a dinosaur that used to roam the Earth millions of years ago.

They are nontoxic and fully tested to ensure that no harm can come to your little one when using it and are suitable for kids aged 5 and up with adult supervision. Why don't you bury one in your back yard and let your little ones mind run riot and let them think that they have found their very own dinosaur in your back yard at home? They'll certainly have a lot of stories to tell their friends and at school, once they play with this! There are several different types of dinosaur available and your kids will love it!



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