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ハンドメイドなカンバス地ランチバッグ Heavy Duty Waterproof Waxed Canvas All Purpose Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink





Brand: Hide & Drink

Color: Green


  • PORTABLE ALL PURPOSE BAG REDUCES WASTE & SAVES MONEY: This bag is perfect for taking your lunch to work in style, but also doubles up as a great bag for storage. A unique bag that is sturdy, reliable, and stands upright, this item is perfect for everyone of all ages. Handcrafted using Waterproof Waxed Canvas for durability and protection, this is a stylish alternative to carrying your packed lunches, saving you on paper bags and flimsy plastic lunchboxes, doing your bit for the environment.
  • HANDMADE WITH WAXED CANVAS AND FULL GRAIN LEATHER: We use only high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, which is why we only use the best leather, 100% Full Grain Leather, to create the All Purpose Bag's belt for easy opening and closing, and hand-hammered, heavy duty metal rivets for security and ease.
  • INTERIOR EDGE LINING KEEPS BAG UPRIGHT: The All Purpose Bag has got enough space to fit your lunch, and with its sturdy and rugged interior edge lining this bag will stay upright for security and peace of mind. Upright and unrolled, the bag measures 9.5 inches high, and once rolled up, it measures roughly 5 to 7 inches high, with a base width of 6.5 inches. All in all, its unassuming style is sure to receive compliments during your lunch hour.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: You've no doubt experienced the pain of sitting down to enjoy your lunch, only to find it's moved about during your commute and now resembles a Jackson Pollock painting. To counter any lunch related mess, the Waterproof Waxed Canvas is easy to clean and easy to dry. No more worries about spilt sauces or leaking drinks. Waxed Canvas is a tried and tested material, used throughout the ages. Being lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, Hide & Drink swears by it.
  • SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This makes an excellent gift for your friend, loved ones and family. This All Purpose Bag will last a lifetime and ages beautifully, making it a great gift for anyone and everyone.

Publisher: Hide & Drink

Details: This Waterproof Waxed Canvas All Purpose with rustic accents is hand cut and hand crafted with the finest materials to give a stylish home to your sandwiches your significant other packed you for lunch. Spacious enough to fit even a hungry builder's lunch, this All Purpose bag is waterproof and simple to clean. With a rustic Full Grain Leather strap to keep the bag closed, this is a chic, unique lunch bag.

Hide & Drink's Waterproof Waxed Canvas is a material that will last you generations. Waxed canvas is an ancient material, one of the oldest, in fact, and is still in use nowadays. It really is exemplary of a material that is tried, tested and true over time. Our Full Grain Leather comes from the top layer of the hide, and has all the natural full grain characteristics of the hide...hence the name. It's the best leather you can buy and the only leather that we use.

The flesh side of the soft leather is first stained with natural drab tone and finished with our proprietary beeswax conditioner, helping the leather to retain its shape without the aid of synthetic stabilizers.

Product Features

  • The All Purpose Bag comfortably holds your lunch, with an adjustable leather belt to open and close

  • Ideal for anyone and everyone, of all genders and ages

  • The Waxed Canvas and Full Grain Leather ensure the product's long life, to be handed down generations

Hide & Drink is a vertically integrated community-driven brand dedicated to support the local community in La Antigua, Guatemala. Our product is designed, sourced, and manufactured by local artisans for the benefit of local residents. Our wages are fair and we emphasize for-profit development through entrepreneurial education. In addition to creating jobs through the manufacturing and sale of our products, we contribute 5% of our Gross Profits to outstanding non-profit organizations in Guatemala.

UPC: 641243153223

EAN: 0641243153223

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.1 x 2.3 inches

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