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マグネットキッチンツールセット ラック付きby Hexwares おたま、フライ返し




Brand: Hexwares LLC

Color: Warm Grey


  • BRILLIANT AND INNOVATIVE STORAGE RACK - Low profile storage rack is bi-laterally magnetic and will stick to fridges, range vent hoods, steel shelving, and any other ferromagnetic* surface in your kitchen. Each utensil nests securely into its own spot on the rack.
  • SLEEK, CONTEMPORARY DESIGN - This is the perfect utensil set. Each utensil has been carefully crafted for optimal ergonomics and stunning aesthetics.
  • TRUSTED U.S. SELLER - Hexwares LLC is based in Boise, Idaho - all orders are fulfilled by Amazon and are available for Prime shipping!
  • PERFECT WEDDING GIFT OR HOUSE WARMING GIFT - This set is perfect for newly married couples, especially if they have limited space! This utensil set is also perfect for housewarming gifts, or closing gifts for realtors!
  • RV AND MOBILE LIVING UTENSILS - These utensils are perfect for people on the go with smaller kitchens and less drawer space.




Publisher: Hexwares LLC

Details: This is not just another kitchen gadget. They're the same tools you're used to, but with better design and a higher level of function. The Magnetic Utensil Set by Hexwares is a brilliantly designed set of essential kitchen utensils that are perfect for any home. This set was designed to free you from the clutter of traditional utensil storage methods: a messy utensil drawer or counter-top canister filled to the brim with a variety of kitchen tools and gadgets. Each set consists of a bilaterally magnetic rack and 4 essential cooking utensils: a turner spatula, large spoon, large slotted spoon, and silicone flex spatula. The rack is sleek and low profile. On the back, it will adhere to any ferromagnetic* surface in your kitchen. On the front the rack has 4 spots where each utensil can nest. Each of the tools has a nylon head which is heat resistant to 400° and will not scratch non-stick cookware (the flex spatula head is made from premium flexible silicone.) The handles are made from thermoplastic rubber and have a soft texture and added grip. The end of the handle is equipped with a ferromagnetic stainless steel insert. This allows each utensil to attach to the rack, but not to other undesired metallic surfaces like: your dishwasher, cook-top surface, hot pots and pans, etc. The weight of the metallic insert also makes for an unbelievably balanced kitchen utensil. The shape of the metallic insert allows the tools to nest into the rack while it is in both horizontal and vertical positions (we know, it's kind of amazing.)

Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 4.5 x 3.0 inches

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